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  1.   December 7, 20sae1ggiM,Ye1, Don and I have chosen to focus on Trail Runner Nation. We are very excited about the early success and feedback we are receiving from our trail brothers and sisters. We feel that this is a community project and appreciate any feedback, comments, and content that you can provide! I look forward to learning from all of you!

  2. Hi Rajesh,in my opinion there could be a number of factors behind this. I have seen athletes that have improved their performance in just one year and vice versa. I do hope that India does a good job at the Summer Olympics and I will be closely watching this competition.Mariella

  3. min drøm er ogsÃ¥ et drivhus..men min kjære vil ikke.:-) og jeg er sÃ¥ lite hjemme om sommeren…sÃ¥ det er vel greit at han begrenser meg.) Selv om det er kjekt Ã¥ ha vinter, vÃ¥r og høst.)GOd helg til deg.))

  4. Caram, caram… acabem de descobrir la sopa d’all.Ara falta que algú ens digui -ben important, si pot ser- que la forma també és el contingut.I tots a ballar el vals. El vals de sempre, és clar.Una salutació cordial,b.

  5. dwtsfan2007, I am converting all my vids to 640×480 now. In my other account, I converted the widescreen Bell Book and Candle to 640×480, and the black bars appeared automatically. I do not even know how to add the black bars in. I would give it a try … maybe just convert at 640×480 and upload a small 2 min video to test it out. Convert at a high enough video bit rate too… I use 900kbps but it could be lower if you experiment on the bit rate settings.

  6. Hi,Some great stuff going on.However we seem to have lost the filtering and sorting of Search Result Positions (in a list form rather than individually) of each keyword.I found this useful for optimising content which was just outside the 1st page and I could identify this really quickly with the older system.Or have I missed somthing with the new one?ThanksNick

  7. Ha, did I mention anything about the iPhone? The bug you’re speaking of was patched before 99% of people received their Nexus 4. I don’t care about the iPhone. The iPhone isn’t worth an extra $1000 per year for a shitty 2 year contract on a greedy carrier like Verizon. Get out of here, you’re just looking for someone to argue with you. We get it, you think the iPhone is better. No one cares.

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