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  1. Got to like the comment on there “These depositions will be more nails in the coffin for Zimmerman — especially when it comes to his so-called nose and head injuries.”How do the defense depositions become nails in the coffin? It is crazy how any story that comes out becomes the final nail or the smoking gun or the proof that the defense is worried.

  2. Call me crazy, but I could'nt help but think this guy is a lonng lost lovechild of Hitler, and the Europeans are doing the same let it ride crap that led to WW II. And why won't anybody pull Saudi Arabia's card? Perhaps we need Friday night executions for treason instead of Dancing with the Stars, and American Idol and all the other mindless crap coming out of Hollywood.Thanks for telling the truth once again.Greg RN

  3. سلام.ممنون از دعوتتان.بی قرار تؤام Ùˆ در دل تنگم گله هاستآه بی تاب شدن عادت Ú©Ù… حوصله هاست….—————————-پاسخ: سلام ØŒ خواهش میکنم

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