6 thoughts on “Santa Christmas Cards

  1. so now can we also upload video more than 10 min ?this is really bad for people they have to cut their video into dienfreft parts .. youtube please you should change this. thank you

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  3. There you making comparisons with other nations, after you told us not to.“Japan is a Japanese state”Japan is not a Japanese state. “Japanese” means “related to Japan”. (E.g. Japanese people are citizens of Japan. The Japanese language is the official language, and the most widely spoken language, in Japan. Japanese food is the type of food developed and traditional to Japan. (Pretty icky stuff, most of it.) Japanese arts are those originating from Japan.) But Japan is not related to Japan. It is Japan.

  4. draw up a set of lists collating my listening habits for the previous twelvemonth. Looking back at that post, it’s fascinating how wildly my favourite artists (at least, measured by volume) change each

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