In light of the recent tragedy in Connecticut we have decided to cancel the invitation giveaway and give the money to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund and a few of the private funds that have been set up by the victims families.
After reading the statements by Emilie Parker’s father, a 6 year old beautiful little girl that was taken from us to soon, our hearts broke. Her father stated that she loved to make cards for people to make them smile. It was at this moment, we knew that we needed to find some way to help and support those in need.
I hope you can find it in your hearts to know how much this means to us and I hope you too will donate to some of these amazing funds set up to help the families of the victims (see links below).
Because we had so many wonderful entries into our giveaway and so many amazing brides we would like to extend a 10% discount on your next custom order to any bride that was nominated.
May god bless those little angels and heroes who have been taken away too soon and the families, friends, and loved ones that have been affected by this horrible tragedy.

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  1. My daughter, Stephanie, would like to get married in the fall of 2013, but will need to wait until 2014 unless she receives some financial assistance. Sadly, her dad isn’t helping one bit and we’re being very creative and innovative about finding ways to raise money or cut costs. Please consider her for the winner of the free invitations, and bless you for having the contest!

  2. My bride to be is Katie Nye. Katie is a person that will always put other peoples needs in front of her own. She is currently enrolled in nursing school so she can continue to help others in need. She is on the deans list and also tutors other students in her spare time. Between school, tutoring, planning our wedding and being a mother she does not have time to work. If she won this contest it would be one less detail that she would have to worry about. She does so much for others that she deserves a chance for something to be done for her.

  3. My deserving bride to be is Natalie Qayed. This girl has been down and back for the past year. Her and her fiancé have been together for over 2 years now and engaged since 08/25/12 with their wedding being held on June 22, 2012. She is truly the deserving bride. On April 17, 2012, she and her 4 sisters lost their father in a tragic accident and 3 months after that, her grandmother passed away. Her amazing fiancé has stuck by her through everything and they have truly grown together. After booking her wedding at a local winery that was able to work with her budget, they EMAILED her on the 2nd of January and cancelled her booking! She already ordered all of her save the date, and invitations with the winery’s address! Everything that this amazing girl has been through and still manages to put a smile on her face, is the reason I think Natalie is the most deserving bride!!!

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